Ultra Chrome Extension Under Testing; Future Developments Detailed

Ultra, the first entertainment platform that brings games, digital assets, tournaments, and live streams to one place,, is undeniably one of the most exciting networks in the web3 gaming industry at the moment, and their latest blog update goes over the Ultra Chrome extension and what the future holds for their platform. They have made their intentions clear to build alongside the community, while focusing more on building an active ecosystem of deployed games and tools to benefit blockchain gaming.

The Ultra Chrome extension will enable users to authenticate and sign transactions on Ultra’s networks. On top of that the ability to create an Ultra EBA account. This will allow Mac and Linux users keen on trying out Ultra to get a taste of what the network and its games can offer till the launcher becomes compatible with their operating systems. At the moment, only its Testnet version is live. Once it is ironed out and it has the necessary features to be at the quality desired, its Mainnet will go live.

Ultra chrome extensions

At the moment, beta access to the Chrome extension has been granted to external developers for feedback and testing, namely UltraIsLifeAgora, and Xborg. This isn’t the only technology product in the works as well. Ultra shared their ongoing efforts to bring more attention towards their Easy Blockchain Account system, the Uniq NFT Standard, their on-chain UOS/USD price Oracle, and their Queue System that allows for secure, free transactions. All of these elements combined position Ultra as a prominent upcoming leader in web3 gaming.

This comes a few days following our partnership announcement to provide promising web3 games with the knowledge, support, and help they need to make these ideas a reality, while being guided by a plethora of talent that has been in the gaming industry for almost decades.

What are you most excited about from the updates Ultra shared? How impactful do you think the Ultra Chrome extension will be in adopting more users to the Ultra platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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