FaZe Clan Announces The Sandbox Game Partnership; Special Mode Coming in 2023

The Sandbox Game is one of the biggest marketing sponges in web3 gaming, and their portfolio keeps getting bigger and better with every announcement.. This time around it is none other than FaZe Clan, one of the oldest and most decorated esports organizations in the traditional gaming space. If you are around during the early 2010s and were a Call of Duty fan, trickshot videos and the first-person shooter’s esports scene was dominated by FaZe Clan and their rivalry with OpTic Gaming.

This partnership will bring a unique experience to The Sandbox Game for players to enjoy in 2023. The trailer features what looks like an obstacle course with several rounds where players will get eliminated periodically till a winner is crowned. Of course that’s all we have for now but definitely there will be more to it as well.

The FaZe Clan announcement comes after Paris Hilton‘s unique avatars and Malibu Mansion, then revealed Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen adaptation, the first culinary experience in the game. This is incredibly significant in bringing traditional gaming and media attention to The Sandbox Game and web3 gaming in general considering the enormous combined following of the organizations’ creators standing at over 500 million across multiple platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitch.

What do you think of this announcement? What other esports organizations are you looking forward to make the jump into web3 gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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