The Phantom Galaxies Episode 4 Goes Live August 31st

After 8 months, The Phantom Galaxies is concluding its alpha playtests and the storyline arc players have been invested in ever since. The fourth and final episode, titled “Pirate’s Dilemma,” is scheduled for release on August 31st. This one feels a bit more special than the others considering it signals the end of The Phantom Galaxies alpha phase but because it brings a ton of new content with it as well.

Players will get to experience a new type of mechs, the Lancer class. As seen in the footage shared by Blowfish Studios throughout the week, Lancer mechs are incredibly well equipped for long range combat, with special abilities to immobilize nearby enemies for quick repositioning during battle.

As always, completing the episode will reward you in special in-game medals to show your participation and poster NFTs. However, this time around players will get to experience Astrafite Rush, allowing you to earn $ASTRAFER for the first time as well as more significant rewards for The Phantom Galaxies’ planet holders. The team shared more details on the event separately in May detailing its structure and how to take part in it.

The Astrafite Rush event consists of two parts: mining the newly discovered Astrafite ore and destroying a new sub-faction of pirates swarming the galaxy. All players will have objectives based around these two actions, and fulfilling objectives will yield rewards at the end of the event. Over the course of the event, ore and pirates will appear throughout the system.

As part of the Astrafite Rush, there is going to be a common Community Objective for The Phantom Galaxies’ community to rally around. The team wants to combine players’ efforts in searching for Astrafite. Those who find it will be encouraged to share the mining locations with their friends to speed up their own personal achievements as well as the overall community goal. Once the community objective is hit, there will be a reward for everyone involved.

How excited are you for the fourth episode of The Phantom Galaxies? How did you like the previous episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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