Tearing Spaces Closed Beta Goes Live Only for Celestial Pass Holders

The closed beta for Tearing Spaces is now live, allowing Celestial Pass holders to explore the game, earn points, and provide valuable feedback.

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The anticipated web3 game Tearing Spaces has launched its closed beta, which runs from 12:00 pm UTC today until May 31, 2023, at 06:00 am UTC. This closed beta phase will give players a chance to experience the game's detailed world, innovative gameplay, and various features.

Access to the closed beta is granted exclusively to Celestial Pass holders. These participants can download the game package from the official "Tearing Spaces" website and are encouraged to share feedback on any issues or suggestions through the game's Discord server, in the designated bug channel.

During the closed beta, Celestial Pass holders can earn Battle Points and Event Points by engaging in battles, participating in community activities, and joining market and operation events. Accumulating a higher total of points will improve a player's ranking and result in greater rewards at the end of the testing phase.

It should be noted that as a closed beta, players may encounter some unfinished features or issues within the game. The Tearing Spaces development team is committed to addressing these concerns and making necessary improvements based on the feedback received from the community.

The Tearing Spaces team appreciates the support of its community as they work together to refine and enhance the game. This closed beta period represents an opportunity for Celestial Pass holders to contribute to the development process and help shape a memorable gaming experience.

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April 24th 2023


April 24th 2023

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