Sorare Shares Multiple Major Changes Coming in 2023

Discover the exciting new upgrades coming to Sorare: Football as part of the platform's 2023 product roadmap, including league-specific competitions, an improved progression system, and more.

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Sorare is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to collect and trade unique, officially licensed digital collectibles. The platform's Sorare Football game, which allows players to collect and trade digital collectibles of football players, is getting several updates for 2023.

The latest development blog from the studio highlighted the key changes coming to the popular fantasy game to kick off the new year. These updates include:

  1. A new user interface: The new UI is designed to make it easier for players to navigate and find the cards they want.
  2. Improved card animations: The new animations will make cards come to life and will provide a more immersive experience.
  3. New tournaments and challenges: Sorare will be introducing new tournaments and challenges that will give players the opportunity to win rare cards and other prizes.
  4. Partnerships with football clubs: Sorare has partnered with several football clubs, including Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético Madrid, and Juventus, to offer their official digital collectible player cards. This will give fans the opportunity to own and trade unique, officially licensed digital collectibles of their favorite players.
  5. Introduction of new football leagues and clubs: Sorare plans to introduce new football leagues and clubs in the future, providing more options for players to collect and trade.

Upon the full implementation of Sorare’s new draft-based onboarding process, the studio will eliminate certain features that are deemed unnecessary and hinder the progression we are striving to achieve. These include: The Academy competition, which though valuable, requires further improvements in terms of gameplay balance and new Manager education. 

Additionally, the Casual competition will be removed in favor of entry-level league-specific competitions and the option for Managers to play casually with friends through Private Leagues. Lastly, Onboarding Common card packs and Daily Drops will be discontinued as our data and research indicate that draft and card swaps are more engaging and align more closely with the decisions made by professional football club owners or chairman when scouting players.

Moreover, throughout 2023, Sorare is planning to improve the game's user experience and the overall performance in order to make the game more fun and engaging for players. What do you think of the latest changes? What is your most valuable Sorare NFT card you own?

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January 19th 2023


January 19th 2023