Outer Ring Tech Demo Goes Live

Outer Ring has released their tech demo for everyone to enjoy. Players will finally get to experience numerous anticipated features of the web3 game.

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Outer Ring, a free-to-play blockchain MMORPG, has released their tech demo for the public to enjoy. From the get go, the studio promised the community will have a major role to play throughout the game's various development stages, including systems such as the economy, the creation of cities, and even the laws within certain areas. The tech demo allows players to try out different weapons, explore the Great Silver City on foot or by land vehicle, and complete the game's first mission.

The Outer Ring demo includes a prototype for player-owned Lands, where players can customize their own land plots and build fortified homes. It also includes content from the game's official partners, such as the MetaBrands Headquarters and a Cryptopolis easter egg. Although the demo does not yet feature blockchain integration, players can still earn and use fake GQ tokens and NFT items from the game's official marketplace. The demo is available for free on PC and can be downloaded by filling out a form on the official tech demo page.

If you are a fan of Outer Ring, you should definitely give it a try and leave as much feedback as possible to the development team. From there, the game should be on schedule for its early access phase during Q2 2023. Unreal Engine 5 is definitely an outstanding upgrade and its visual effect on the quality of the game's graphics are apparent in every move and every object you interact with in the game's world.

Did you get the chance to try Outer Ring's tech demo yet? What do you think of it so far?

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January 1st 2023


January 1st 2023