Off The Grid: New Details Revealed in Latest Interview

Discover exciting new details about Off the Grid as director Neill Blomkamp shares insights on its unique setting, advanced technology, and the role of AI character Voyance.

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Off the Grid, the upcoming third-person Battle Royale game with a narrative twist, set in a cyberpunk dystopian future, had some exciting new details revealed in an exclusive interview with District 9 director and Gunzilla Games' chief visionary officer, Neill Blomkamp.

The game takes place on Teardrop Island, where players will encounter unique structures like a space elevator, and explore its tropical setting with a dystopian twist. The game's cyberlimbs and advanced weaponry are made from metals found in distant asteroids and moons, brought down by the space elevator. This advanced technology has created a significant social divide, with the rich becoming richer and the poor remaining impoverished.

In the interview, Blomkamp discussed Voyance, a leading AI character that serves as a "board member" of Cascadia Global, one of the mega-corporations in the game. This AI is responsible for making major decisions for the corporation in pursuit of profit, but it also has other, darker intentions.

Off the Grid's intriguing cyberpunk setting, advanced technology, and the potential threat of AI like Voyance make it an exciting upcoming release for fans of the genre.

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May 6th 2023


May 6th 2023

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