My Pet Hooligan Game Alpha v1.1 is Live; Receives Overall Positive Reception

My Pet Hooligan comes out of the gates with banger. The Alpha v1.1 is live and it looks incredibly fun to play.

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There is no doubt from day one that My Pet Hooligan has showed us clear signs of a potential high-caliber web3 game, even prior to their NFT mint. The game development studio made sure to share footage of their motion capture technology, and developers hard at work with the in-game assets. At last, the My Pet Hooligan alpha v1.1 is live for players to enjoy.

The game is currently downloadable through the NFT collection’s own website. However, access is limited at the moment to all genesis NFT holders and Hall Pass owners. Another point you need to keep in mind as well is the playable version of the adventure game is only available to PC at the moment with the Mac version scheduled for release sooner rather than later.

You will get to go up against waves of bots while trying to take them all down with a variety of cool weapons. The development team even detailed what the future updates will hold for the game, and it includes the following:

  • Epic Online Services integration
  • Player profiles
  • Voice chat
  • Core game loop integration
  • Controller configurations
  • Greater Weapon balancing
  • Further Web3 integration

Do you own a Pet Hooligan NFT? What do you think of the gameplay for the Alpha 1.1 version so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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November 11th 2022


August 20th 2022