MonkeyLeague Alpha Testing Kicks Off with Community Tournament

MonkeyLeague kicks off its Alpha testing phase with a thrilling MonkeyChallenge competition, offering players a chance to win big in $MBS and contribute to a growing community pot.

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MonkeyLeague has officially launched its Alpha testing phase, and the first wave of Pioneers are already enjoying the game. To celebrate this significant milestone and build excitement within the community, MonkeyLeague is hosting the MonkeyChallenge Competition, a 14-day event running from April 3rd to April 17th.

The MonkeyChallenge competition invites players to showcase their skills on the field, score goals against MonkeyAI, and win substantial rewards for themselves and other MonkeyPioneers. With up to ~$10,000 in $MBS at stake, participants can win individual prizes and contribute to the growing community pot.

The competition breakdown is as follows:

  • The Community Pot begins with $1,000 in $MBS.
  • For every goal scored, participants win $50 in $MBS for themselves and $200 in $MBS for the community pot.
  • Winning a match earns an additional $100 in $MBS.
  • Scoring a hat trick of 3 goals in a match nets $500 in $MBS instead of $50 for that goal.
  • At 10, 20, and 30 cumulative goals scored, $1,000 in $MBS will be added to the community pot at each milestone.

MonkeyLeague is currently accepting entries through their website for the Alpha playtest so make sure to go over there and register for a chance to get in.

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April 4th 2023


April 4th 2023

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