Mirandus Tavern Games Playtest Goes Live with Various Improvements

Mirandus goes live with another playtest round of Tavern Games for players to enjoy with various improvements.

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Mirandus, the web3 fantasy RPG from Gala Games, has announced that their popular Tavern Games will be open once again for players to enjoy. Tavern Games are a collection of minigames within the Mirandus world that can be played independently of the core game.

Unlike other features in Mirandus that require an Exemplar (the in-game NFT character) to access, Tavern Games have no Exemplar requirement, making them accessible to all players. In addition, players will receive new coppers every six hours, allowing them to play even more games.

For those who excel in the Tavern Games, there's a chance to win big. The top ten copper earners during the week-long event will receive 10x Mirandus Tankards, a valuable item within the game.

So whether you're a seasoned Mirandus player or a newcomer to the world, be sure to check out Tavern Games while they're open. The event will run for one week, giving players plenty of time to compete against each other in a variety of friendly challenges.

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March 4th 2023


March 4th 2023

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