Mirandus Latest Trailer Features More Info on Materium

Materium is the most sought after resource within Mirandus. Get your hands on it and you will become a powerful warrior.

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Mirandus is one of Gala Games’ most ambitious web3 gaming titles. Considering the level of freedom, player ownership, and the deep lore and world the development studio is building, it is bound to suck RPG lovers in for hours. So far, we have known how important Materium is within Mirandus, but we have yet to know more information on its use in-game and where to get it.

The latest trailer, narrated by Mirandus’ Game Director Michael McCarthy, once again emphasizes the freedom of exploration and enticing players to forge their own paths. This will be done naturally considering the game has been design in a way where there are no maps, no navigation tools, no guidance on where to go or what to do. It is your story and you craft it as you see fit.

However, one common goal all Mirandus’ players have is to accumulate as much Materium as possible. Michael elaborated any magical action will require the magical resource. This includes anything ranging from paying a fee to revive your character without penalty and completing crafting items without having the necessary material to teleporting items to far away locations for others to receive throughout your adventure in the game's world.

As expected, Materium will be rewarded through slaying monsters, opening chests, and within secret locations scattered across the game’s world. Keep in mind that as mentioned, death is punished heavily within Mirandus, so protect your Materium at all costs.

Which exemplar role are you most looking forward to be inside the world of Mirandus? Considering you have complete freedom over your path and actions, what is the first thing you are going to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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