GAM3 Awards Meet the Jury: Jorge Jimenez | Arcade

Get to meet GAM3 Awards jury member Jorge Jimenez from Arcade and know their proudest gaming moment, future of web3 gaming, and more.

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Our inaugural GAM3 Awards features over 30 members on its jury to help recognize the best "gam3s" in each of the 16 categories. The event takes place on December 15, and will be livestreamed across all our socials. It is time to get everyone familiar with each member of our jury. We got the opportunity to sit down with each of them to ask them a set questions to help you get to know them more personally, their favorite gaming moment growing up, what pushed them to make the jump into web3 gaming, and their outlook on the future of blockchain gaming.

It is usually overwhelming for newcomers into the industry to know where to go to find a genuine community who just want to play exciting video games and connect with new friends. Arcade describes itself as a platform where gamers, game developers, guilds, and anyone interested in contributing positively to the industry can come together, connect, share ideas, and enjoy playing together. Jorge Jimenez, Arcade's CMO, is today's Meet the Jury guest and he goes over his proudest gaming moment, what made him make the leap of faith from traditional gaming to web3, and how he plans to position Arcade in web3 gaming's future.

What is your proudest gaming moment?

Let's take this back to 1997! When Goldeneye was released, I don't know any gamer that has not played this game and still today is a game that brings the same euphoria as if it was your first time! This is truly the game that revolutionized the meaning of multiplayer!

What pushed you to transition into work in web3 and choose gaming as your sector of choice?

I spent 16 years in commercial and investment banking, worked in the vc space as well. When gamefi started i saw an opportunity to bridge the meta-gamers and gamers which is when Arcade began, so it was an easy transition of taking two worlds that i have a strong connection and passion for.

What excites you the most about the current state of web3 gaming?

Despite a “bear market” the crypto market is experiencing, there is billions of dollars pouring into gamefi … the next couple years will be very exciting for gamefi!

Where do you see Arcade’s role in the future of web3 gaming?

Arcade Platform is unique to other P2E gaming platforms in number of ways, but one major way is that the platform unites the three pillars of GameFi, gamers, P2E titles/projects, and spectators/investors, on a single platform. 

If you could name one major milestone yet to happen to push web3 gaming adoption forward, what would it be?

Once we eliminate the words like crypto and NFTS, we will unlock a new level of gaming as the stigma we currently have is blocking true gamers entering this space because of the current language in crypto.

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