Kuroro Beasts Shift to Arbitrum and Treasure

Kuroro Beasts, the Pokemon-style web3 game, has been revealed as the latest addition to the Arbitrum and Treasure gaming ecosystem.

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Kuroro Beasts was one of the most hyped NFT projects in early 2022, and they are slowly grinding it out to produce everything they promised. From the get go, the game was obviously inspired by Pokemon, giving players the opportunity to explore the magical island of Kuroro, capture unique monsters, and fight their way through every challenge standing in their way to the top. The recent TreasureDAO announcement revealed Kuroro Beasts will be the latest title added to the ecosystem's ever growing list of incredibly exciting web3 games.

At the moment, Kuroro Beasts have let their community try out the Alpha stages of Beast Brawl, a browser turn-based beast battler. Designed from scratch by 3 Pokemon VGC competitive players and coaches, including one world champion, Beast battles is a unique and innovative spin on the traditional Pokemon match formula everyone is used to. It allows for a much more dynamic interaction between both players up against each other as well as quicker reactions to each beast's move.

For those of you unfamiliar with Treasure, it is the decentralized gaming ecosystem connecting games and players through $MAGIC. They are built on Arbitrum, with very project listed on Treasure’s marketplace utilizing $MAGIC in their respective metaverses. Each community inventing its own lore and storytelling for this resource, and we have seen that to have proven massively successful in The Beacon recent rise to web3 gaming stardom.

What do you think of Kuroro Beasts moving to TreasureDAO? What other games do you see making the move over?

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December 24th 2022


December 24th 2022