Kuroro Beasts Beast Brawl Open Alpha Launches with Online PvP

Kuroro Beasts: Beast Brawl launches an open alpha tournament with a $5,000 prize pool.

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Kuroro Beasts Beast Brawl, a free-to-play online PvP creature battling game designed by Professional Pokemon VGC Players, has launched its Open Alpha Season 1 Tournament. The game allows players to use the Free Team of the Week or their own Origin Beasts for customized team strategies, providing extra utility for Origin Beasts holders.

The Open Alpha Season 1 Tournament will run for two weeks, from May 1st to 14th, with a $5,000 prize pool. All participants will be entered into a big raffle, and the top 50 players will receive direct prizes. There will also be a secret airdrop for all participants.

Players can climb the leaderboard and increase their Matchmaking Rating (MMR) by battling other trainers, competing for valuable prizes and bragging rights. During the Open Alpha, participants have various opportunities to secure Shells, Silver Tickets, WL spots, and special prizes by competing for the highest ranks on the leaderboard and completing matches.

Players can choose their faction within the Discord server: Order, Chaos, or Rebirth. Throughout the Beast Brawl Open Alpha, participants will have access to free Beasts offered through the rotating team of the week, and they can purchase additional Beasts in-game for more customization options.

Upcoming events for Kuroro Beasts Beast Brawl include migrating to Arbitrum, the Origin Trainer Festival in collaboration with Treasure DAO, and a PFP Collection by Trudan Studios featuring artwork by JMW327.

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April 29th 2023


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