Illuvium Reveals Tons of New Information on the Illuvitars Genesis Collection

Illuvium revealed tons of new information on Illuvitars and what they bring to the table, including D1SK packs and the Illuvitars Album.

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Illuvium is definitely on our list of the top 10 blockchain games to keep on your radar with its unique mix of open world exploration and stunningly beautiful auto-battler element. Illuvitars are an additional element that has been around for some time but players were always curious what their actual purpose would be in-game. The latest announcement revealed tons of information on what utility Illuvitars will hold for its owners, D1SK packs, and even an album for the collector junkies.

First off, Illuvitars are configurable collectibles which will act as your profile picture within the game's adventure world and become part of how you represent yourself in-game, adding another layer to the game's RPG mechanics. However, that's just the very surface of what these cute little creatures are. Players will be able to customize and personalize their Illuvitars with thousands of different accessory combinations. across five slots; Headwear, Eyewear, Skin, Bodywear, and Props. This allows you stand out from the crowd and shape it to your personal taste.

D1SKS are one of the ways you can acquire them through purchasing the standard or Mega D1SK. The latter comes a higher chance of dropping rare Illuvitars and accessories. Players can complete certain collections to gain access to private betas, exclusive merch, and events. This ties in with the Album feature, allowing collectors to be rewarded for their hobby and earn Leaderboard Points. The more difficult it is to complete a collection given the rarity of the Illuvitars involved, the higher the reward.

What do you think of Illuvium's latest announcement? What else do you want to know more information about in Illuvium? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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November 10th 2022


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