Guild of Guardians Share Roadmap V2; Features Esports Tournaments and Builders Fund

Guild of Guardians revealed their roadmap V2 and it includes a ton of exciting content coming up for the dungeon crawler title.

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Around a month ago, Guild of Guardians celebrated their closed beta success with over 11K players participating and slaying over 15.8M enemies. Since then, the team has shown a few teasers on what is coming up next, including lore updates and the imminent release of the second round of testing. The latest announcement covers the updated Guild of Guardians roadmap version 2.0, and it hints towards some exciting milestones to say the least.

The team recapped the major success they accomplished so far, including over 300k early pre-registrationsĀ alongside $24m in NFT sales and $200m Series C to fund development and expansion. Guild of Guardians is definitely within safe hands, and the roadmap V2 is their next challenge. The milestones shown below weren't given much context beyond their initial titles. Nonethelesss, most of them are pretty straightforward.

Journey Begins will mark the adventure game's Alpha release, while Creators 2.0 will empower user-generated content and content creators alike to build a creators economy around Guild of Guardians. Add to that the Story of Ulderym and universe expansion to emphasize one more time how important lore and storytelling will be within the game to allow players to connect with their characters. Of course, esports and tournaments will be another competitive element added to the game's multiplayer aspect as well.

What are you most excited to see come to Guild of Guardians from the latest roadmap? Did you have anything in mind that you want to see featured on here as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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November 10th 2022


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