Guild of Guardians Announces Mineloader as New Game Studio

Guild of Guardians announces Mineloader as the game's new development studio to stay on track for the scheduled Q4 2023 game release.

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Guild of Guardians has announced their collaboration with Mineloader, a premier game development studio based in Shanghai, China, with studios in Tianjin and Dalian, Liaoning Province. The move comes as part of a strategic plan to achieve a higher level of quality and faster game development in the long-term by outsourcing the web2 portion of the game's development. The restructuring of the organization now functions by function rather than by game, enabling the sharing of expertise, processes, and tools across all games.

As part of this partnership, some of the previous leaders have been replaced by new leaders, including Chris Clay as VP of Game Design, Shibu Mathew as VP of Product, Aakash Mandhar as VP of Engineering, and Veronica Foo as Director of Marketing. These leaders bring extensive experience from their previous work with Wizards of the Coast, EA, Microsoft/Xbox, Illuvium, Ubisoft, and Riot Games.

With this new partnership, Guild of Guardians is on track for a Q4 2023 release. The game, which will be powered by blockchain technology, promises to bring a new level of player ownership and engagement to the mobile gaming industry. Players will be able to earn, trade, and own in-game assets, all while enjoying a captivating gameplay experience. Guild of Guardians is definitely a game worth keeping an eye on for mobile gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

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March 13th 2023


March 10th 2023

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