Descend Season 0 Recap and Exciting Updates for V2

Descend recaps the success and stats accumulated over Season 0 and gives a glimpse of what to expect with V2.

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Descend has wrapped up its Season 0, and the top 10 winners have claimed their share of the $7,000 USDC prize pool. Season 0 was an experimental phase that provided valuable insights for improvement and growth. Throughout the season, players collectively saved 10,000 $TEAR (equivalent to 10,000 lives) and 1,056 users created accounts to enjoy playing Descend.

The game's Season 0 focused on maximizing the utility of the Dungeon Pass. However, the developers realized that token-gating and limiting gameplay led to minimal growth. These lessons have paved the way for the development of Descend 2.0, which will focus on user acquisition and engagement to create a more sustainable gaming ecosystem.

Descend V2 promises to transform the game from a single-player online competitive experience to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) utilizing Web3 technology. The new version will build upon the lessons learned from Descend 1.0 and introduce new tokenomics for players.

Descend V2 will be a Web2.5 MMORPG game, meaning that players can enjoy the game with or without blockchain technology, allowing for seamless adoption by all types of gamers. A crypto wallet will not be necessary to play Descend, making it easy to onboard friends and attract a broader audience.

Four key features of Descend V2 include a multiplayer town, food/potion farming, revamped dungeons, and a 1v1 Arena inspired by RuneScape. The game will be supported on various platforms, including browser and mobile for both iOS and Android devices.

The Descend team is also prioritizing multi-language support to cater to a diverse player base. With these exciting updates, Descend V2 aims to create a vibrant and expansive gaming community focused on fun and engaging gameplay.

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April 4th 2023


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