Decentral Games Adds ICE Poker Flex and Tournament Mode

Decentral Games, the casino metaverse city within Decentraland, received a new ICE Poker Flex and Tournament mode.

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Mostafa Salem

Head of Gaming Research


Decentral Games managed to become its own ecosystem for all gamblers and adrenaline lovers within Decentraland, resembling the closest thing to a massive casino metaverse city. The latest ICE Poker Flex and Tournament adds another competitive element to keep players hooked and coming back to compete for more.

The new ICE Poker Flex and Tournaments can only be accessed through owning a tournament-compatible wearable and Shine. For reference on the price point, tournament wearables start with 9 Shine while Flex wearables start from even 0 Shine. The mode is accessed through the main menu normally through the Tournament Mode selection screen.

Whenever you win a tournament, the badge will show as always in your badge balance. If you wish to redeem it for any of an All Access wearable, $ICE tokens, or Shine. This is just the initial prize selection with more to be added in hte future for players to choose from. Decentraland has managed to position itself as one of the pillars of the simulation genre with tons of multiplayer experiences delivered to its players so far.

Did you give the new Decentral Games ICE Poker Flex and Tournament mode a try? How much did you walk home with at the end of the night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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November 11th 2022


August 20th 2022