Champions Ascension Pre-Alpha Release Introduces Vault of Carnage

Champions Ascension pre-alpha release brings a new game mode, "Vault of Carnage," along with multiple game updates, balance changes, and open world improvements.

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Champions Ascension has announced a pre-alpha release featuring a new game mode called Vault of Carnage as well as numerous game updates and improvements. The Vault of Carnage is a 15-player mode, where players must survive and collect as many tickets as possible to gain the upper hand.

The Vault of Carnage is the result of a tense truce between the Houses, aimed at creating a grand spectacle for the citizens of Massina. The game mode features tickets strewn across the map and special power-ups to enhance player abilities. Players can collect tickets by approaching them, and every player is worth the tickets they carry plus five extra tickets.

Tickets can be redeemed at any time in the Ticket Vault, located in the middle of the map. However, the more tickets a player holds, the slower they will move. Permanent power-ups in this mode include "The Knockout King," "The Hacker," "The Sucker," "Pure Crocaine," "Pineapple Pizza," and "Hêla Kickers."

After five minutes, Arrows with Hela Fire will start falling down every three seconds, targeting all remaining players. The map also includes two lava pits and two life pools, which can cause damage or provide healing, respectively. In the Vault of Carnage, death is not the end. Players can come back as ghosts to haunt the living, spring traps, and deal damage. Spirits that take a life by using their traps have a second chance at life in this mode.

Balance changes in this pre-alpha release include increased damage for Keymaster Ray and Keymaster Death FoT burst. Open world improvements have also been made to the Death Quarter composition, lighting, and collisions, with more work from Massina Stonemasons visible throughout the game world.

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April 28th 2023


April 28th 2023