Blast Royale Celebrates Game Soft Launch

Blast Royale is available for everyone to enjoy, including a major update that adds tons of new features compared to early access.

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Blast Royale is one of the GAM3 Awards Best Mobile category finalists, and the timing of its game's soft launch couldn't have been better. The game has been in early access during the past period, and the launch brings with it a major update and pushes the Blast Hub into mainnet. What this does is it enables players to trade any of the game NFTs they own openly on the Blast Hub. as long as they are connected to Polygon's Mainnet.

In addition to that, Blast Royale received a new game icon after letting their community decide through voting on their favorite game icon. The update brings with it a new “Game Mode Selection” screen that gives players even more access to your favorite game modes. In addition to that, players can now quickly jump to the Discord server from in-game with the newly added button to Blast Royale's menus.

An “Equipment Overview” screen & “Match Ended” visual have been added as well for a better player experience. Haptic feedback has been slightly changed, so you can feel the vibration of combat when you strike your opponents rather than receiving damage. On the other hand, there is a different vibration setting for killing opponents close to you if that's not your preference. If you don't care for haptic feedback, you can turn it off from within the game settings.

It is worth mentioning that the game no longer includes Deathmatch as a game mode in the Casual rotation. The Blast Royale development team decided to remove it so they can focus all their time and efforts on Battle Royale game modes and other relevant systems. Not only that, the update tuned the accuracy of all weapons to allow for better accuracy when shooting on the move. The studio introduced a new mechanic, where some weapons gain increased range when hitting aim while standing still.

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December 3rd 2022


December 3rd 2022