Blankos Block Party Season 1 Update 2.0 Goes Live

Mythical Games releases Blankos Block Party Season 1 update 2.0 to add Target Mode, inventory, skills, and various social improvements.

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Blankos Block Party, the GAM3 Awards Best Casual Game award winner, is getting its biggest update since the start of Season 1 on September 28th. At the time, Season 1 brought with it the new and reworked Blanko classes. Trickster, formerly a class for the Trickle Blanko, the new Bruiser class, and Tracer returns to the pack with a bang. All of this added a lot of content for players to enjoy and keep them busy till the recent Season 1 update 2.0.

The latest update from Mythical Games brings with it a new game mode, Target, a revamped inventory UI, visual representation of each Perk next to it on a small screen for better indication on what it actually does in-game, and various friends functionalities to make it easier to play with your party. The newly added Target mode will be available in both Party Bus and Brawl, and future Party Pass challenges will use this new mode as well. The goal of Target mode is to destroy as many target dummies as possible within the allotted time

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Users can now search for their friends and send friend requests. Each user has a unique ID that can be used for sending and receiving friend requests. The feature can be accessed from the game menu under the Social option. As players are in the lobby, a pop-up window will appear on their screen for better communication. It will show whether the Party Leader is picking a brawl or a party bus. The chat window has also been updated to accommodate all messages.

Meanwhile, from this update onwards till it is changed again, players will no longer be able to tweak speed boosts and limiter durations in Build mode. The studio explained the reasoning behind the decision with the note below:

The reason we are limiting the duration of boosts and limiters is because it's very important for players to know what's going to happen to them when they interact with a prop. The boosts and limiters are one part of a more comprehensive initiative to provide more prop affordance. (Which is a design term that means that a user can intuitively understand what a thing does by how it looks.) We still have a variety of props that don't visually reinforce stat changes, such as the targets that could be destroyed in one hit vs another identical target that requires many hits. And we have plans to address that as well.

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December 21st 2022


December 21st 2022