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Illuvium wins the GAM3 Awards Best RPG Game 2022 in a category filled with strong contenders including Big Time, Phantom Galaxies, Aurory, and Sipher Odyssey.

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The competition for each category within the GAM3 Awards has been fierce, with each game fully deserving of winning the title. Having made it into the top five nominees of the Best RPG category is a testament to the quality and how far we have come in web3 gaming. The RPG genre is defined by its focus on character development, story-driven gameplay, and branching decisions that almost never gives two players a similar experience.

RPG games often have a rich, complex narrative that is revealed through dialogue and cutscenes, and they more often than not include a variety of different characters, enemies, and locations to explore. The gaming industry's greatest title have been RPGs, including the likes of The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Deus Ex, amongst other critically acclaimed franchises. It is time for web3 games to earn their spot within the conversation.

The top five games nominated for the GAM3 Awards Best RPG game were Illuvium, Big Time, Phantom Galaxies, Aurory, and Sipher Odyssey.

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Illuvium wins the GAM3 Awards Best RPG game

Illuvium won the GAM3 Awards Best RPG title. The timing of this award overlaps with the newly released Illuvium: Overworld closed beta, which is the open-world portion of the game where players get to finally wander around Illuvium's massive universe on the hunt for powerful Illuvials. The RPG elements in the game allow for a ton of customization and personalization. On top of that, considering the types of Illuvials you seek will dictate your Arena playstyle, adds another element of depth to the game.

Don't take your eyes off Big Time, Phantom Galaxies, Aurory, and Sipher Odyssey as they are destined to become leaders in the space, with each game catering to different types of players. The future of the RPG genre within web3 gaming is in good hands.

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