Best Content Creator 2022 Winner: Brycent | GAM3 Awards

Brycent wins the GAM3 Awards Best Content Creator amongst strong competition but his charismatic personality and commitment to pushing web3 gaming forward stood out.

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The competition for each category within the GAM3 Awards has been fierce, with each content creator fully deserves to win the title. Having made it into the top five nominees of the Best Content Creator category is a testament to the quality and how far we have come in web3 gaming. Gaming content creators often focus on a specific game or type of game, and may provide in-depth tutorials, game reviews, and commentary on their experiences with the game.

The rise of gaming content creation has created a new avenue for gamers to share their passion with others and has helped to foster a vibrant gaming community online. Since web3 gaming is all about community and each member plays an integral role in shaping the development of future games and what content they want to watch, content creators within web3 are more connected than ever to their communities thanks to all the tools available at their disposal.

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Brycent wins the GAM3 Awards Best Content Creator

Brycent won the GAM3 Awards Best Content Creator title. Deservedly so, Brycent has been a beacon in helping promote blockchain games far and wide beyond the industry's own bubble. He mostly drops all the web3 terminology, unless necessary to mention, to appeal to traditional gamers and it is working like a charm. The charismatic streamer delivers content consistently, helping upcoming web3 games to showcase what they have been working on by lending them his platform and loyal audience. Add to that his proactivity and community-centric approach with regular proof-of-attendance rewards to viewers among other benefits shared directly with his audience.

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December 31st 2022


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