Life Beyond Update #1 Live; New Expeditions, New Weapons, and More

Life Beyond brings back all the nostalgia of those MMORPGs you used to spend endless hours on while you were a kid grinding away to get the best equipment to show it off to the rest of the world, and now the game just got even better. The game received its first ever open alpha content update, and it is hefty to say the least. The update adds two new expeditions, four new weapons, three new outfits, and adjusts the community goal for a bigger reward.

The two new expeditions offer a solo and duo experience. The solo mission, labelled “The Collect and Defend”, tasks players with collecting four extraterrestrial plants, heading to the corrupted area, and defending them till you are clear to proceed towards the Extraction Point.

On the other hand, the duo mission, “The Mutation & Power up”, will have you collect Silicates to build a Energy Generator and a Decontaminator. Both of them need Silicates to construct. Once they are built and connected together, they will start cleaning up the surrounding area and you need to protect them till the process is finished.

life beyond update

These two new expeditions probably sound dangerous, which is why the Life Beyond team added three new weapons. The Carver, the Flack Fluid, the ColdFrag Systems, and the Voltic Lightning. All of them are secondary weapons for the Sharpshooter, Trooper, Combat, and Guardian classes respectively.

Life Beyond players can now fight in style. The three new outfits, depicted in the image above, showcase Summer/Winter Content Release#1 collection. Each outfit is purely cosmetic but brings elegance and flair to your character to brag about around your friends.

Last but not least, Life Beyond changed their Community Goal threshold. These are missions where the community comes together to collect points to unlock exclusive surprises and bonus content. The new goal has now been set to a more realistic expectation, which is to “collectively gather 80 000 000 points” throughout Life Beyond’s Open Alpha phase, which lasts till the end of September.

What do you think of the Life Beyond content update? Which piece of content are you most excited to use in your next session? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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