Koakuma Close Beta Testing 2 Scheduled for October

A few months ago, Koakuma players got to enjoy their first taste of the colorful yet dangerous world of Laria with the first round of closed beta testing. The second round is finally scheduled for October 2022, and it comes with a ton of changes based on user feedback from the initial phase. The improvements have been focused primarily on operation, repeatability gameplay, and skills.

Taking inspiration from the critically acclaimed dungeon RPG franchise, Diablo, Koakuma will adopt the randomized dungeon and combinable skill rune system. This allows players to progressively explore dungeons, offering them unique experiences and a deep skill rune system for those who love to theorize the perfect build for each class.

Add on top of that a completely new mode for participants to experience. The new Endless mode pits players against neverending waves of enemies, with an option to choose one from three randomized rewards to enhance your ability. The CBT2 Tournament will be based on the new Endless mode, offering more than $10,000 in prize pool rewards. The latter includes $KKMA, Access Pass, Equipment NFT, Rune Stone, among other potential valuable winnings.

How excited are you to participate in Koakuma’s second closed beta? How long do you think you will get to survive in the new Endless mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Would love to join next beta koakuma aye , well find a way 🙊

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