Immutable X Integrates GameStop Wallet

There is no doubt Immutable X, one of the currently most popular layer-2 solutions to Ethereum offering instant trading, massive scalability and zero gas fees for minting and trading, has proved their interest in the web3 gaming world. Now they have combined their talents with Gamestop to integrate the Gamestop Wallet onto the Immutable platform.

The Gamestop brand is synonymous with the gaming industry for decades. Having been founded almost 40 years ago with over 4,500 stores, they have the expertise to pull off transitioning into the web3 gaming space. In fact, the Gamestop NFT marketplace within 48 hours, between July 13th and 15th of 2022, managed to bring in over $3.5 million in trading volume across the top 50 NFT collections at the time. This garnered around $67,500 in revenue from their standard 2.25% trading fees alone.

On the other side, Immutable X has time and time again proved their appetite to become a leading layer-2 chain and home to all games looking to build on Ethereum but afraid of its shortcomings. The chain features a $500M Developer & Venture Fund directed heavily towards gaming, and continues to partner up with the likes of World Wide Web3 and Gods Unchained to integrate their scalable technology.

This collaboration opens the door to both their communities to be introduced to a plethora of incredible web3 and blockchain gaming titles building on Immutable X. The latter promises to fix numerous of Ethereum’s shortcomings, cutting down on transaction fees and time while offering games a clear scalable solution onto onboarding more players without fear of any of the aforementioned elements.

Let us know what you think of the recent Gamestop wallet integration on Immutable X and how do you think this helps drive adoption of web3 games.

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