Gods Unchained Adds Card Cooldown to Prevent Multi-Accounting

Gods Unchained took a positive step towards keeping their playerbase active by announcing their daily play and earn initiative. This gives players the opportunity to rack up wins and share a portion of a daily $GODS prize pool up for grabs based on how many fragments you accumulate. One of the major points the community raised was the opportunity for multi-accounting to be exploited during the process. This enables the same player to get more than they deserve from the daily pool as a result of maxing out their playing time on multiple accounts.

Gods Unchained released a blog post earlier addressing the situation, and implementing a new Card Cooldown mechanism to balance it out. The ‘Cooldown Rule’ on card transfers dictates that each card may earn rewards for at most one account per day, unless traded on the open market. At the same time, if an account attempts to use the same set of cards with striking similarity as another account within the same 24 hours period, they will be strike as a multi-account.

Players caught exploiting multi-accounting for the daily play and earn pool will be banned for 7 days and will not be eligible for rewards. On top of that, if the same account is flagged multiple times, it will result in a permanent ban, losing all your progress and assets.

Gods Unchained made it clear they are not willing to share their complete detection methods, but promised the community they are at a level of efficiency to ensure a safe environment for their players. At the same time, the below actions are bannable offenses in the game so make sure to avoid them.

  • Using third party applications to cheat or exploit the game
  • Using third party applications to take actions on your behalf (botting or scripting)
  • Creating and using multiple accounts to qualify for multiple rewards 
  • Account sharing and card-sharing to qualify for multiple rewards
  • Win-trading or match-fixing

The game is under heavy competition at the moment, with Splinterlands on the rise and the upcoming ambitious title, Cross The Ages and their latest physical NFT cards utilizing NFC technology. We can’t forget about Cards of Ethernity as well and the incredibly expansive universe and IP they are building for the game’s world.

Do you think this is enough to stop players exploiting multi-accounting? What do you think of the daily play and earn rewards Gods Unchained has so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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