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There might be a lot of turn-based strategy titles on the market, but a few do it like Wonderhero. The title features an exciting turn-based strategy gameplay and your every decision will determine the outcome of the battle. Control up to 4 different heroes in a team, use their unique skills and a wide variety of equipment to deploy your own strategy on the battlefield.



Wonderhero takes place on Earth following a massive nuclear war where the radiation has affected our daily lives and left us no choice but to move and inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI. A few generations later, the Hero Academy decided to send its best students on a recon mission to Earth and the creatures now present on the planet we once lived on aren’t keen on welcoming us back. It is now your duty to help the Hero Academy players navigate Earth and clear the enemies standing in the way of our return.


Wonderhero makes sure to cater to both PVP and PVE players. The aforementioned lore is enough to pull in any player to dive deeper into its PVE mode. Regardless of mode, players get to assemble their team out of 17 heroes. Each with their own style of combat from frontline medic to tankers or attackers.

The number of possible combinations of weapons, elements, and equipment can keep you theorizing for hours on the optimal build. 

There are almost over a 100 possible variations of each hero, mainly due to the presence of over 400 different equipment to collect, including hero-specific and equipment sets which grant powerful and unique abilities.

How to Get Started

Those interested in kicking off their Wonderhero career need to purchase at least 6 WonderHero NFTs, which are 3 Hero Skins and 3 associated Hero weapons to unlock 3 playable Heroes that can be added to their Team Lineup.

Once you are done with this step, you need to register for an account and download the Wonderhero client.

Web3 Corner

As enjoyable as the game is, it falls short in certain aspects, mainly the balancing of specific weapons, its relatively lackluster PVP ranking system, and unattainable NFT weapons that would take ages to reach even for the most skilled players.

  • Chain: BNB Chain
  • Game Currency: $WND and $HON (secondary in-game token)
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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7.0 rating

+ Almost endless character customization
+ Complex gameplay mechanics
+ Very compelling lore
+ Multiple modes to enjoy
- Have to purchase 6 NFTs to start
- Relatively steep learning curve
- Lackluster PVP ranking system

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