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Tactical RPG


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Available on: Windows

Voxie Tactics is a retro-styled tactical RPG that is heavily influenced and inspired by the vein of classical 1990s and early 2000s tactics games, but with some modern twists sprinkled in and some updated gameplay mechanics to make the game feel both nostalgic and modern at the same time.

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How to get started with Voxie Tactics?

  • Download the latest build available on Voxie Tactics’ website
  • Create an account and login to redeem your 3 free characters

If you wish yo increase your chances of earning after every dungeon, you need to acquire any of the NFT characters from the Voxie Tactics collection. Depending on their rarity, your chances increase accordingly.

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7.0 rating

This rating is based on gameplay, replayability, fun factor, ease of access & much more. Explore our deep dive into the game in our full review below.

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