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Undead Blocks brings  back the nostalgia enjoyed by FPS zombie shooters of the past. The development studio provides players with a thrilling and unique gaming experience while allowing players to earn in-game rewards and build equity in their Weapon Loadouts.

Whether you used to go in alone trying to get into the “above 50” solo zombies club or was more of a squads type of player, Undead Blocks wants to be the home to everyone who wants to mow down zombie hordes..


You are dropped into an apocalyptic map as one of the witty characters you select before you load in. All players are dropped into the game starting with a Pistol and a Combat Knife. Every kill grants the player XP with a bonus for killing zombies with a headshot.


Depending on the weapons available in your verified weapon loadout NFT, you get to spend this XP to obtain more powerful guns that will assist you in taking down the undead back to where they came from. 

There is a total of 12 weapons on release, split into:

  • 3 melee weapons
  • 2 handguns
  • MP5 (SMG)
  • 2 assault rifles
  • 2 shotguns
  • Hunting Rifle (Long Range)
  • Crossbow (Specialty)

There is going to be additional content released periodically into the game in the form of battle passes, including weapon skins, new weapons, new characters, new maps, etc.

Undead Blocks characters

Games Modes

Solo – Survive as many waves as possible on your own

Squads – Round up your friends and play with party size of 2-4 players and work together to kill zombies

Speed Run – Players will have to complete a set number of waves as fast as they can!

Showdowns – Weekend tournaments with specific rules for players to overcome and get a shot at winning a portion of the prize pool

All of the above contributes to making Big Time unique. Its gameplay-first approach, unique art style, unorthodox token economy, and its stellar team. We haven’t touched on the Big Time team yet, but it is one of the main attributes driving the massive success and anticipation built around Big Time.

How to Get Started

Undead Blocks open beta is ongoing at the time of writing, and the client can be downloaded after creating a Wagyu Games account through their website.

Although the current build features only Solo mode and ends at round 5, it gives you a solid overview of what to expect once the full version is released. Multiple new types of enemies were teased on the game’s social media as well as the upcoming Pistol Showdown tournament.

Undead Blocks polkastarter gaming tournament

Web3 Corner

The game combines one on-chain token ($UNDEAD) with an off-chain token (ZBUX) to progress and earn. $UNDEAD is used to purchase weapon NFTs in the Undead Blocks ecosystem & used for ecosystem governance. ZBUX is the reward currency in the Undead Blocks ecosystem & is backed by UNDEAD token.

  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: $UNDEAD / ZBUX (secondary off-chain)
  • Game Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

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8.0 rating

+ Several modes to play solo or with friends
+ Variety of weapons
+ Diverse set of zombies
+ Almost endless replayability

Cons (Beta Access)
- Zombies occasionally glitch out
- Hitbox registration of certain weapons

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Aladdin 🕋

nice tournament! thx team 🙌

Bhagwat Thorat

Free for all tourna stuff is goood I love PGG Senpai’s and Community hehehe


gg wp! gl hf!


Great write up guys, solid 8/10 I’d have to agree!
Looking forward to seeing more progression within this game and all the fancy new Zambies to come!


Undead blocks look pretty cool I love shooting game. This game able to esport.


Tournaments are topnotch, a zombie shooting games,

Diamond Hands


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