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Town Star

Farming Simulator, Multiplayer

STAR review

Free-to-Play | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows

Town Star is a competitive farming game, with the co-founders of Zynga assisting in its development and drawing inspiration directly from the massive success of Farmville. Town Star is one of many titles on the Gala Games platform at the moment, but still considered its flagship game as it was their first release.


Similar to Farmville, Town Star puts players on the path to build the ultimate farm. This includes building the necessary infrastructure, upgrading your buildings, harvesting crops, taking care of your cattle, visiting other farmers, among many other activities.

The game gives players daily tasks to complete, with TOWN token rewards attached to it as an incentive. Based on the player’s weekly town performance, they are ranked against the rest of the playerbase to win attractive prizes.

All of this can only be achieved through deploying the necessary NFTs. These are a mixture of tradeable and untradeable structures. The latter can be easily bought by the currency generated in-game, while the former has to be bought in GALA.

How to Get Started

Town Star can be played straight on the GALA website. You can acess it directly after setting up your GALA account and connecting your wallet, then going to the Games tab and scrolling to Town Star then simply click Play to build your dream town.

Web3 Corner

As mentioned before, Gala Games is a fully fledged gaming platform with countless games catering to several genres and types of gamers. Town Star has a special place in the Gala Games ecosystem, considering it was the first release and continues to deliver new content for its players to enjoy.

  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: $GALA / $TOWN
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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6.0 rating

+ Simple and fun gameplay
+ Fit for all ages
+ Personalization and customization options

- Repetitive tasks
- Unattainable NFTs

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One of the best Gala’s game


Very smooth experience, nice game


Good game

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