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Thetan Arena

MOBA, Multiplayer

ARENA Review

Free-to-Play | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows, iOS, Android

Thetan Arena is a quick, fast-paced, action-packed MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that combines action, competitiveness, skill-based battles & beautiful character designs.

There are four game modes currently available for players in Thetan Arena. Battle Royale mode can be played solo, or as a duo, the main goal is to be the last man standing in the arena. Deathmatch 4v4 consists of players forming teams of four and fighting against each other. Superstar 4v4 is a mode where players have to steal superstars and defend each other. Tower Destroy 4v4 is a traditional MOBA mode where players have to destroy the opposing team’s base.

Thetan Arena


Heroes are divided into three categories; Tanks, Assassins, and Marksmen. Tanks are the frontline and have higher hit points, medium attack damage, and slow speed. Assassins aim to combo and eliminate their opponents, and have low hit points, high damage, and speed. Marksmen are the main damage dealers, they have high damage, medium hit points and speed. Skill sets are divided into three; effect skills, damage skills, and support skills.

Thetan Arena comes with various types and numbers of Heroes. Each of them has a unique special ability called Fury. Furthermore, each hero has unique stats according to their roles on the battlefield.

Thus, choosing a suitable hero for each situation helps players increase the win rate in the Arena of Thetan. There are 3 types of Heroes:

Thetan Arena Tank Heroes


Tank heroes are responsible for becoming frontlines facing up to the enemies and preventing their teammates from receiving damage.

Health Point: High
Attack Damage: Normal
Speed: Slow
Recommended First Champ: Venka
Thetan Arena Assassin Heroes


Assassins are deadly and silent killers who can engage in the fight, eliminate the target in a single combo, and retreat without being noticed.
Health Point: Low
Attack Damage: High
Speed: High
Recommended First Champ: Raidon
Thetan Arena Marksman Heroes


Marksmen are the main damage dealers and are responsible for maintaining the DPS amount during the fight.
Health Point: Normal
Attack Damage: High
Speed: Normal
Recommended First Champ: Cluster

Each hero has two kinds of levels, one is the main hero level, and the other is the in-game hero level. Each hero will start a match from level 1 and can be levelled to 10.

Heroes have different rarities, higher ones have more unique abilities and playstyles. Common, Epic and Legendary heroes have different skins, these skins can either be Default, Rare, or Mythical. Trophy classes represent the mastery of a hero, which ranges from Class H to Class SS.

Game Modes

Thetan Arena’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. 

Challenge yourself with various game modes today:

  • Battle Royale (Solo / Duo)
  • Tower Siege
  • Super Star
  • Deathmatch
  • Custom Battle
Thetan Arena Roadmap 1

The Future of Thetan Arena

Moving forward, the team’s looking to revisit and balance their tokenomics and, at the same time, start creating more engagement with various target audiences, including gamers, guilds, streamers, and investors. 

The new roadmap has phases with appropriate adjustments.

Looking for some advice and tips to get started with Thetan Arena today?

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you get started with 10 tips for any new player to enter the Arena and start conquering the Thetan competitive world!


Stay tuned for more Polkastarter Gaming Thetan Arena content.

Web3 Corner

Thetan Arena has three currencies in the game, Thetan Coin (THC), Thetan Gem (THG), and Power Points (PP). THC and PP are earned by in-game progression.

THG can only be earned by in-game progression.

  • Chain: BNB Chain
  • Game Currency: $THG & $THC
  • Game Platforms: Windows, iOS and Android

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8.0 rating

+ Diverse heroes with unique abilities
+ Addicting gameplay
+ Suitable for esports and competitions
+ Inviting to play with friends

- Lack of server support for certain regions
- Character match limit
- Limited F2P experience

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I think it is a good game, but iam too old for that =)

Aladdin 🕋



Its a good game, although not perfect with it’s matchmaking I constantly getting matched with 4 party and legendaries even though I use the free heroes, been playing since it’s launch till now, but it’s best and fun to play with team and ur team is pro🥶


Can play sometime


good game


Pretty interesting game


Interesting game


good game funny


This game should play with friends.


looks great!


I am a newbie here after plying I am going to post a detailed review….


Very nice game

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