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The Treeverse

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The Treeverse is a top-down open-world classless MMORPG built for mobile with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The title was revealed a little over a year ago, with the popular NFT personality, Loopify, at the helm of the Endless Clouds game development studio.

The Treeverse takes place within the city of Elderwall that is protected by the World Tree. Players will need to venture on quests throughout Arboros to slay enemies and bosses, collect rare loot, make friends, and progress through the storyline to know all the rich lore of the land around you.


Players will get to create their characters then wander around the wonderful and vibrant world of The Treeverse. NPCs will be spread across the world, offering you quests to complete in return for rewards. These quests won’t always be suitable for you to do straight away considering your character and equipment level.

Outside of that, players will be prompted with major encounters when you get to certain places or meet specific conditions. If you don’t want to be confined by the specific narrative The Treeverse has to offer, you are free to venture deep into the forests and complete side quests at your own pace.

The city of Elderwall features tons of resources for players to gather and use for countless actions. You will have access to a plot of land, which you can use to create your hideout. You are free to either open it up to the public for anyone to visit or lock it up for invitation-only access for other players to get to see what you have in there.

All the structure and forging activities done inside your in-game house are done through gathering resources during your adventures. Each area will offer unique resources, and you are free to use them to craft even more lucrative items to sell to other players.

The Treeverse provides incredibly exciting quests with an “emphasis on cooperative gameplay.” This is the main message echoed throughout the game’s branding so far. Players can team up with others to take down dungeons and bosses while sharing loot in the process. While most web3 games promote competition between their playerbase, The Treeverse wants players to get to know each other and even make friends on their journey to becoming the best warrior in all of Elderwall .

How to Get Started

The Treeverse has three active collections on Opensea for players to pick which way they want to be involved in the game’s ecosystem. The first collection, NFTrees, is the most coveted item and supposedly will be integrated into future Endless Clouds games as well. Once an Nftree is placed, holders can set a $ROOT price for the fruits that the trees bear and other players can purchase from them.

The second collection, Treeverse Plots, can be placed inside of Treeverse and built upon. The third and final collection, Timeless Characters, are unique cosmetic characters players can use as their profile pictures to differentiate themselves from other players in-game.

For now, the game’s Pre-Alpha is scheduled for Q4 2022, and you can sign up now to The Treeverse newsletter to get notified on the process and a chance at getting an invitation as well.


The gameplay snippets we have seen so far have been incredibly promising. Add on top of that a very transparent monthly communication by the Endless Clouds team on the development state of The Treeverse, and you get to know the exact stage of development the game is in, what they are struggling with, and enjoy sneak peeks into what they are working on next.

Till we get our hands on The Treeverse during its Pre-Alpha in Q4 2022, we will hold judgement but there is no doubt that Loopify has managed to create one of the most beautiful looking games we have ever seen in web3 gaming so far.

Web3 Corner

  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: TBA
  • Game Platforms: Mobile (iOS and Android)

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