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The Treeverse

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The Treeverse is a top-down open-world classless MMORPG built for mobile with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The title was revealed a little over a year ago, with the popular NFT personality, Loopify, at the helm of the Endless Clouds game development studio.

The Treeverse takes place within the city of Elderwall that is protected by the World Tree. Players will need to venture on quests throughout Arboros to slay enemies and bosses, collect rare loot, make friends, and progress through the storyline to know all the rich lore of the land around you.

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How to get started with The Treeverse?

  • NFTrees is the most coveted item and supposedly will be integrated into future Endless Clouds games.
  • Treeverse Plots can be placed inside of Treeverse and built upon. Players can build their homes, forge equipment and prepare for their next adventure.
  • Timeless Characters are unique cosmetic characters players can use as their profile pictures in The Treeverse.

For now, the game’s Pre-Alpha is scheduled for Q4 2022, and you can sign up now to The Treeverse newsletter to get notified on the process and a chance at getting an invitation as well.

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