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Tactical Team Based shooter

The Harvest

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Available on: Windows

The Harvest is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising web3 games in popularity at the moment. The game looks astonishingly beautiful and brings an extremely fun MOBA experience accompanied by fast-paced third-person shooter action. 

The Harvest takes you on a journey to a planet called O’Ree-Jin, rich in the Essence of Life, a highly desirable resource amongst the 4 surrounding planets and their unique civilizations. All 4 planets compete in teams of 3 in epic showdowns for the most essence accumulated in a 10 minute timeframe.

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How to get started with The Harvest?

  • Acquire a Regular Mystery box, or directly buy an Ability card, from Fractal’s NFT marketplace
  • If you wish to get more powerful cards, Legendary Mystery boxes are available as well through both Fractal and Binance NFT.
  • Once you have these NFTs, you are ready to play in the next phase.
  • Free-to-play players can join in as well and will receive a standard card they can upgrade along the way.

The Harvest Open Beta is scheduled for October 2022 so make sure to join their Discord to download the game and be prepared.

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