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Off The Grid

Shooter, Multiplayer


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Available on: PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X and S

Off The Grid is an upcoming cyberpunk-styled Battle Royale third-person shooter that aims to evolve the genre through strong emphasis on narrative progression and player freedom. The title is being developed by Gunzilla Games, an incredibly exciting up-and-coming gaming studio in blockchain gaming with tremendous experience.

Off The Grid is undeniably one of the most ambitious titles in blockchain gaming and web3, bridging the gap between traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts by bringing their title to both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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How to get started with Off The Grid?

Off The Grid comes out in 2023, without a firm date set at the moment regarding its release date. Keep an eye out on Gunzilla Games and the title’s social pages for regular development updates.

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