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Nyan Heroes

Battle royale, third person shooter

HEROES review

Free-to-Play | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows

Nyan Heroes free-to-play battle royale title by utilising their Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots to compete in both PVE and PVP. The title is set in a post-cataclysmic world borrowing from a mix of lo-fi and cyberpunk art genres.

There are 9 Guardian classes each with its own class specific ability that will ultimately set it apart from the rest. Each one is most suitable for Nyan Heroes’ gameplay modes, depending on whether you are solo or with friends.

Gameplay & Game Modes


Players will be able to go through Nyan Heroes’ story in a PVE environment, narrating the history and lore of the game’s universe. The open world adventure ramps up in difficulty as you finish more quests and progress further, but the rewards include countless valuable items.

This mainly includes cores, dust, and raw materials. Cores are essential pieces you will need to combine with both of Nyan Heroes’ tokens to mint new characters, weapons, skins, among other items. Dust and parts are both needed to level up and upgrade your weapons and other components of your mech.

nyan heroes character classes


Nyan Heroes will feature a 3rd person PvP battle royale set around the post-cataclysmic civilization of Nekovia. The map itself will feature an array of spectacular environments including overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and an array of mountainous terrain all leading towards the central landmark, the ruined central metropolis of Nekovia.

Players will be grouped in teams of 3, and you can queue up individually to be placed with other players in your same skill rating.

Players will be able to select their loadout before starting the match. This adds an extra layer of complexity as you need to communicate with your teammates and decide on the classes with the most synergy or appropriate in the current meta.

How to Get Started

For now, you can buy one of the Nyan Heroes NFTs available on various marketplaces, including Magic Eden.

Owners will get access to the closed beta coming in Q3 2022, and allow you to redeem it for Genesis Guardians mint, land presale, early access to the game, among other benefits.

nyan heroes world

Web3 Corner

Nyan Heroes will feature a dual token system $NYN – is the governance token behind our entire project.

The second token is $CTNP, our in-game utility token. There will be no cap for this token as we need to ensure available supply as our community and playerbase grows. The use cases for $CTNP include leveling up your gear and parts, create consumables from raw materials, purchasing of rare cosmetic skins among others.

  • Chain: Solana
  • Game Currency: $NYN and $CTNP
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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TBA rating

+ Multiple classes
+ Recognizable characters
+ Exciting gameplay shown so far


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