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Multiplayer, shooter, RPG

Life Beyond

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Available on: Windows

Space exploration has intrigued the human race for decades, if not centuries. The steady steps taken to build entire social structures on Mars and beyond eludes to what our future might look like. Life Beyond gives us a glimpse of what this might look like, but in an incredibly entertaining and fast-paced action 

Life Beyond is a vast, persistent online game set in the future. In it, players will create entire new societies. They have the power to decide its shape, economies and politics. It will provide the freedom to reflect real human aspects, both positive and negative. It aims to become the flagship title of the play-and-earn MMO genre.

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How to get started with Life Beyond?

  • Directly download and play Life Beyond’s open alpha

Meanwhile, there are several types of NFTs that guarantee your entrance to the early access phase alongside several perks, including pets, skins, and other redeemable NFTs, that are available for purchase on the marketplace.

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