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Open world RPG, Auto battler


Free-to-Play | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows

Illuvium is a collectible NFT RPG game and auto-battler rolled into one. An open-world RPG experience in the overworld, where you mine, harvest, capture, and fight Illuvials. 

Your mission, as a stranded space explorer after a catastrophic crashland, is to search these lands to capture strong enough Illuvials that you would trust to defend you against the AI and other players seeking their freedom as well.

illuvium environment

Regions and Illuvials

Illuvium features seven unique regions; Abyssal Basin, Brightland Steppes, Crimson Waste, Crystal Shores, Halcyon Sea, Shardbluff Labyrinth, and Taiga Boreal. Each region has its own climate, terrain, and distinctive visuals. Each of them is a host to various unique monsters not found in the rest.

The different Affinities and Classes each Illuvial represents keeps the players desiring to catch them all, pushing them to explore different regions and step outside of their comfort zone to capture stronger monsters to climb the ranked ladder and conquer more dungeons.

Each hero has two kinds of levels, one is the main hero level, and the other is the in-game hero level. Each hero will start a match from level 1 and can be levelled to 10.


Heroes have different rarities, higher ones have more unique abilities and playstyles. Common, Epic and Legendary heroes have different skins, these skins can either be Default, Rare, or Mythical. Trophy classes represent the mastery of a hero, which ranges from Class H to Class SS.


The gameplay follows a relatively simple path but challenges those who wish to master the game. Its seamless combination of open-world exploration and auto-battling mechanics, while delivering genuinely enjoyable experiences across both leaves players wanting to sink endless hours into their game. 

Each one of these segments could have been their own standalone game, but having both implemented together adds tremendous gameplay value and replayability potential.

Illuvium combines everything you loved during your childhood days playing Pokemon on your Nintendo Gameboy with the modern day auto-battler genre inspired by DOTA Autochess and Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics.

illuvium main character

How to get started

Currently, the only way to get your hands on Illuvium is through registering for a chance to be included in the ongoing Private Beta 1.

For now, there is no said timeline on when this phase of testing will finish so feel free to try out your luck by registering and if you weren’t picked this time, then you will potentially have a better chance at participating in the upcoming stage.

Looking to get started with Illuvium’s Private Beta?

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you catch up on how to play Illuvium in anticipation of the game’s official release!

Stay tuned for more Polkastarter Gaming Illuvium content.

Web3 Corner

Illuvium currently only has one token ($ILV) earned by in-game progression.

  • Chain: Ethereum Chain | Immutable X
  • Game Currency: $ILV
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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TBA rating

+ Stunning visuals
+ Over 100 unique illuvials
+ Vast open world with 7 regions
+ Mixture of two popular genres

- PC specs barrier of entry

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One of the most epic crypto games!

Monu Rohila

yes, you are right. This game is quite Good.

Aladdin 🕋



IIIuvium I die for graphic and character.


Best looking game out there right now, visuals are amazing

djohn coper

Cool game but expensive


Nice game high quality graphic



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