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GRIT Review

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Available on: Windows

GRIT, a member of Gala Games’ extensive portfolio of games, is a battle royale third-person shooter set in the wild west being developed by Team Grit. The title was announced during Gala Games’ Galaverse 2022 while leading the way for mass adoption of blockchain games with the GRIT coming directly to the Epic Games Store.

Players need to saddle up and load their weapons to protect themselves from other players in the hopes of winning it all. GRIT benefits from Unreal Engine’s realistic visuals and advanced physics to allow the players to enjoy a high quality battle royale experience.


What we have seen so far from GRIT confirms the presence of solo, duo and squad. The game adopts a similar mechanic to the familiar Call of Duty Warzone’s Gulag when you are shot down. Players will be able to engage in a direct 1v1 Wild West showdown where they can get back to the game if they win the quick draw contest.

There are 10K Gunslinger Boxes available for sale at the moment on Gala Games’ platform, with each box containing a GRIT avatar. Each character has its own specific perks and attributes which directly affects both your performance and appearance in-game.

Some of the modes that has been discussed so far are Train Chase and Golden Horse, with further details on how exactly each works yet to be revealed so stay tuned.

How to Get Started

At the moment, GRIT is under development but the only way to secure your spot in the title’s wild west battle royale environment is to get yourself a Gunslinger Box still available for purchase through the game’s Gala Games page.

Web3 Corner

GRIT was definitely the highlight of Gala Games’ Galaverse 2022, and the Epic Games supported launch of the wild west battle royale title managed to transcend the barriers of just blockchain gamers to garner interest from the traditional gaming space. An exciting title to keep an eye out on for its future developments.

  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: $GALA
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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I hope the developers will implement everything they have planned, it looks impressive


Looks interesting

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