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Galaxy Fight Club

Free-to-Play | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows

Galaxy Fight Club, or GFC for short, is the first Cross-IP PVP fighting game with a heavy focus on NFT collections. Their aim is to allow holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other to earn rewards through their play-and-earn mechanics.

Galaxy Fight Club’s vision is to build a truly open ecosystem with interoperability of digital items where the players, instead of the company, own their IP and use it as they see fit.


There are 3 Categories of Fighters; Genesis Galaxy Fighters, 2nd Generation Fighters and Avatars from all major NFT collections. This includes the likes of Cyberkongz, Deadheads, Crypto Raiders, among many others. Once you connect your wallet, you are prompted to import one of the supported collections to become your character in-game to represent you on the battlefield.

The Genesis Galaxy fighters come from 7 different races, namely; Humans, Beasts, Ogre, Alien, Reptar, Glopz, and Death Robot. Each class has their own pros and cons to cater to different playstyles. On top of that, there are different variants inside each race to allow for even further diversity. The 2nd Gen Fighters are obtained through combining different NFT assets as well as an amount of $GCOIN. A regular 2nd Gen Fighter costs 1 Galaxy Fighter, 4 weapons, and 800 $GCOIN.

galaxy fight club gameplay

When you have your warrior ready for battle, Galaxy Fight Club offers 4 game modes for you to choose from. They are; Team (3v3), Solo (1v1), Custom, and Training mode. The latter gives players bots and a lobby to practice their abilities and hone their skills before facing other players. Custom mode enables you to set up private lobbies for when you want to host games against your friends or even tournaments.

Team Deathmatch (3v3) is a classic, pitting three players on each side of the map against each other till the team with the highest kills or points at the end of the timer wins the match. 

The Solo (1v1) mode is where things get intense and bets are settled. The mode gives two players a chance to settle the score. Players will enter into the battle arena and whoever accumulates the most kills by the end of the timer, wins the game.

Weapons are a huge factor in your character’s power level. The strength of the weapon is correlated with their rarity and tier. Weaker weapons can be combined with $GCOIN to be used to forge higher tier weapons.

Galaxy Fight Club gameplay 2

How to Get Started

Galaxy Fight Club is free to play, offering anyone the chance to enjoy the experience. If you don’t have access to any avatars or NFT’s, you will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon. The only difference is that the rewards you can earn from winning are different based on the avatar or weapon you play with. 

Since August 22nd, all players of 3v3 Death matches, both NFT and Non-NFT holders, now have a chance of winning key fragments that can be sold individually or combined into a key which can also be sold individually or used to open loot boxes on the Galaxy Fight Club website. These boxes include characters and weapons the player can take with them into battle.

If you wish to acquire any of the game’s NFTs, including characters and companions, you can visit their various collections on Opensea.


Galaxy Fight Club brings utility to all supported NFT collections. It feels nice to see the NFT you love so much come to life in-game. The title offers an enjoyable experience with an incredibly easy to pick up but difficult to master level of gameplay. However, Galaxy Fight Club falls short in gripping you long enough to keep coming back.

It makes for a good few hours of gameplay before the modes start to feel repetitive with no depth to the characters or the world around them. The shortcomings extend to the gameplay often feeling clunky with occasional movement glitches and hitbox registration feeling off sometimes.

Web3 Corner

  • Chain: Polygon
  • Game Currency: $GCOIN
  • Game Platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows

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5.0 rating

+ Different races of fighters.
+ Free to play and earn.
+ Cross Intellectual Property.
+ Nice graphics, map designs and audio.
- Dull menus and user interface
- There is currently no way to $GCOIN as an F2P player.
- No way to communicate with team members before or during a match.

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