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Available on: Windows

EV.IO provides players with a high quality fast-paced first-person shooter that is playable straight from your web browser. The game features teleportation, triple jump, impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades – ev.io is host to all kinds of fun abilities that go beyond simple “point and shoot” mechanics.

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How to get started with EV.IO?

  • Load up the game’s website on a compatible browser
  • Click join and dive straight into the action
  • Create and join private parties so you can enter games together

If you want to activate EV.IO’s earning mechanism, you can purchase a skin through the Fractal marketplace.

Once you obtain any of these, each weapon and player skin has a power level. The higher you increase the power level, the more SOL you earn for every achievement in the game.

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6.0 rating

This rating is based on gameplay, replayability, fun factor, ease of access & much more. Explore our deep dive into the game in our full review below.

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