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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short, is an incredibly popular genre featuring the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 under its ranks. Edenbrawl is coming in to disrupt the norm and mix the core elements of MOBAs with action combat of a brawler to produce a gripping fast-paced experience.


Edenbrawl offers a unique roster of characters, each with their own abilities and skills that can change the pace of the game. Upon release, there will be 8 individual hero NFTs, with a special bonus if you own all 8.

The characters representing Sparkadia’s Origin Collection are: Inksy, Jet, Jan Itor, Roostandor, Hotpaws, Kana, GloKat, and Snooker. It is worth noting that different NFTs won’t affect gameplay in any way.

The game offers a top-down gameplay where players’ control one of these heroes in objective-based maps. However, not everything you are accustomed to in MOBAs will be present in Edenbrawl.

The game doesn’t have specific lanes or minions to walk alongside champions in battle. This gives players more skill expression and more room for fast-paced battles.

Edenbrawl heroes

Edenball is the primary game mode, pitting two teams of 5 against each other. Players on both sides are prompted to grab the ball from the center of the map and score in the enemy team’s endzone. Cooperation and team cohesion is essentia as you will need to pass the ball around and use your abilities to aid you on your objective. Lone wolves won’t be incredibly helpful to their team and might actually be detrimental to their victory.

The game mode follows a best-of-3 rounds format, with a break between each round for players to regroup, assign their skill points, and get right back into it. There are a number of elements that contribute to the outcome of the battle as well, including Pickups, Blessings, Augments, and Territory Effects.

We will start off with the latter. Each team has their own side of the map, but while carrying the ball and moving offensively, the territory expands. As long as your hero is within your territory, it gains certain boosts and abilities.

For example, support heroes emit a healing field around them while carrying, but the moment they cross over into enemy territory, the aura goes away. It is important to play around your territory borders and push it forward to suffocate your enemy as much as you can as it weakens their defenses and makes it easier for you to score.


Pickups, or power ups for simplicity, allow you to gain single-use abilities or buffs. This can be anything from grappling guns for faster mobility around the map to baseball bats for Edenbrawl characters to do their best League of Legends’ Poppy impersonation.


Blessings are essentially voting polls in between rounds for major changes in the map. This ranges from adding defensive walls around your goal to make it more difficult for the enemy to score or removing certain structures from on the map to clear more space.


Augments are hero-specific and/or role-specific abilities that an Edenbrawl hero can unlock throughout the match. These allow for players to adapt to the current game situation and cater to different playstyles while utilizing the same hero.

How to Get Started

Edenbrawl is a free-to-play title so anyone is welcomed to pick it up and play. The game has their first NFT drop scheduled for September 2022, offering players the chance to mint one of the 8 heroes from the Origin collection. 

Early Access is scheduled for November 2022.


After trying out the game first-hand with the Sparkadia team, Edenbrawl stands out massively from the rest of the web3 games in the industry thanks to their unique take and mixture between genres. The game aims to reward skillful players who want to master their hero and know the ins-and-outs of not only their own character but the enemy’s to allow for buzzer beaters and clutch moments.


Having said that, Edenbrawl is an incredibly ambitious title that their vision is yet to materialize fully. This is purely due to the high ceiling and quality they uphold themselves to. The current version of the game is far from perfect, with multiple glitches, connectivity issues, unbalanced heroes at times, and buggy interactions between players.

Web3 Corner

  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: TBD
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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