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CYBALL review

NFT Required | Play & Earn
Available on: Windows, Mac OS

CyBall is a futuristic football-themed (US: soccer), NFT-based game where users can collect and form a team of CyBlocs and face off against other teams online, or trade and mentor new CyBlocs within the CyBall’s ecosystem.

Cyball forms a perfect combination of genres, with sports and strategy put into one experience. The title’s world and unique characters allow the team to design compelling lore and background stories within its universe.


Each team consists of 3 Cyblocs, with each character having six stats to determine its strength, namely Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting and Physical. CyBlocs are all born with a base rating for each skill, and given 1 skill point to add to any stat of the player’s choice after every level up with a cap max level at 100.

Cyblocs have 5 different rarities; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. This directly affects your Cybloc’s max overall range and the stats attributed to each skill. Not only that, a CyBloc may have one, two or three traits. Traits can affect a multitude of areas from gameplay mechanics to potential rewards, with a total of 50 traits assigned randomly to Cyblocs.

The gameplay element is simple yet tests the player’s strategy. Once the game starts, you select one of five tactics; Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Attacking, and Ultra Attacking. Every round highlights a specific skill and you have to put your best Cyball forward to win the round, with assistance from any of the action cards in your hand if needed.

How to Get Started

Unfortunately, there is no free-to-play version for players to enjoy. To kick off your Cyball career, you need three Cyblocs to start.

You can acquire them through two methods; searching for available guild spots to become a scholar and receive the NFTs in exchange for a revenue split or acquire the Cyblocs from the game’s marketplace.

Once you have 3 Cyblocs in your wallet, you can play Cyball directly on the game’s website in its new Reborn version.


Web3 Corner

Cyball manages to beautifully capture the sci-fi genre and mix it in with sports and strategy with the cards boosting your players and putting the user in positions where one decision can decide the outcome of the game.

  • Chain: BNB
  • Game Currency: $CBT / $CYB coming soon (governance)
  • Game Platforms: Windows, Android

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7.0 rating

+ Perfect mix between turn-based and sports games
+ Unique art style
+ Simple yet addictive gameplay

Cons (Beta Access)
- Occasional unbalance in matchmaking
- Unnoticeable difference between strategies

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Aladdin 🕋

strange interface




I play Cyball everyday.


The game is good , just want mobile version for reborn too 💯

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