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Available on: Windows, Mac OS

CyBall is a futuristic football-themed (US: soccer), NFT-based game where users can collect and form a team of CyBlocs and face off against other teams online, or trade and mentor new CyBlocs within the CyBall’s ecosystem. It forms a perfect combination of genres, with sports and strategy put into one experience. The title’s world and unique characters allow the team to design compelling lore and background stories within its universe.

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How to get started with Cyball?

  • Go to the official Cyball website
  • Create an account and connect to any of the compatible wallets
  • Purchase the necessary Cyblocs to play straight from the marketplace

Once you have 3 Cyblocs in your wallet, you can play Cyball directly on the game’s website in its new Reborn version.

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7.0 rating

This rating is based on gameplay, replayability, fun factor, ease of access & much more. Explore our deep dive into the game in our full review below.

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