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Cryowar comes in an attempt to dominate the MOBA genre in web3 gaming. The game offers a real-time multiplayer PVP arena, with a very unique mix between sci-fi and medieval timelines. Every player will have the unique opportunity to protect his realm through their skill and in-game performance contributing to the fight for supremacy within the world of Solariance.


Cryowar features both PvP and PvE modes, offering players the opportunity to choose what suits them best at the time. Considering the game’s nature and esports direction, it is usually more entertaining and enjoyable in PvP, which is why the development team made sure to deliver a fast-paced combat and short match duration that keeps everyone on edge.

The game mode showcased so far is a PvEvB experience, where players get to clear waves of enemies then need to work together to take out the boss once it spawns in. A number of the PvP modes announced so far include Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, Battle Arena, 1v1 Duels, among others. On the other hand, PvE enthusiasts will get to enjoy co-op epic boss fights, co-op survival mode, with future modes in development as well.

Cryowar makes sure to pull you in its lore, with the future of Solariance hanging in the balance of an eternal struggle between four bloodthirsty Gods. Sullr, Senemeer, Lavaden, and Vigolar; The Glacier God, The Shadow God, The Firestorm God, and The Desert God respectively. Players must choose an allegiance and their progression and in-game performance will contribute to who eventually wins the war.

Cryowar has 3 classes of heroes. Each one with its own unique skill, skin, and attributes. Let’s see what each one has to offer

Valkyrie: a hero made for those who just want to run and gun and take out enemies from up close. Almost impossible to keep up with her fast pace and slashing blades.


  • Snake Bite: A horizontal blade slash that leaves enemies affected to receive damage over time.
  • Aurora of Blades: Valkyrie unleashes a whirlwind of blades that damages all nearby enemies in a 360-degree range.
  • Berserker: Valkyrie reaches his ultimate form, receiving a massive boost in offensive and defensive stats while radiating damaging power and energy around her.

Heavy: more suited towards defensive players with his long range artillery and unprecedented might and resolve


  • Piercing Beam: A damaging directed beam of energy
  • Testudo: Puts down a defensive sphere around you to protect yourself and allies from incoming damage
  • Protective Artillery: Heavy aims his rockets into the air which split into smaller projectiles that rain down in a very large radius.

Centurion: A holy warrior who takes full advantage of both his immaculate guns and sword skills to keep his enemies at bay.


  • Explosive Shot: A direct blinding light-infused projectile that explodes on impact. All affected targets get an attack power debuff.
  • Incandescent Slice: Centurion throws an incandescent copy of his sword that explodes on impact in a medium radius. All affected targets get a defense power debuff.
  • Judgement Day: Centurion goes berserk, unleashing a devastating explosion of gunshots and sword slashes in a 360-degree radius.

How to Get Started

Cryowar is currently in its second Closed Beta, with the Open Beta scheduled for release within Q4 2022. The game will be available across Android, iOS, and PC with cross-platform enabled for players to enjoy a more active playing experience.

For now, the only way to experience Cryowar is to receive an invitation to the ongoing Closed Beta or await the imminent release of the Open Beta.


We got the chance to experience Cryowar during Gamescom 2022, and the game was definitely enjoyable with its current PvEvB boss fights. The difference between each hero and the unique abilities they bring to the battlefield is heavily noticeable. A lot of the abilities reward higher skilled players as most of them require on the spot execution and manual direction.

However, at least for now, Cryowar falls short in delivering engaging gameplay for long periods of time. This is especially noticeable when you get used to the attacking pattern of the boss fights or simply just walk backwards while doing damage and they won’t be able to catch you. Of course, the current game state is too early to judge but was one of the glaring topics during our playing time.

Web3 Corner

  • Chain: Solana
  • Game Currency: $CWAR
  • Game Platforms: Android, iOS, and PC

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