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Cards of Ethernity

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The card game genre has a bright future in web3 games, with Gods Unchained and Splinterlands withstanding the test of time while Cross The Ages and Cards of Ethernity aim to come in and disrupt the genre forever. The latter comes under the Aether Games, a strong focus on artistic excellence, sharing true creativity, and turning our lifelong passion for fantasy into a tangible reality.

Cards of Ethernity, or CoE for short, is a digital collectible competitive card play-and-earn game. Players can compete against other players or AI opponents in 1-on-1 combat utilizing their decks crafted from the 150 collectible cards available at launch.

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How to get started with Cards of Ethernity?

Cards of Ethernity is currently still under development, with gameplay snippets being shared regularly on the game’s socials. The anticipated release date for the Open Beta is scheduled for Q3 2022, and will be available for Windows PC users. Mobile iOS/Android support will come in future patches following the game’s MVP launch.

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