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Some of us have been aching for a true real-time strategy game in web3 that fills the gap left in us from Age of Empires and Civilization. Well, Blocklords is here to give it a shot at claiming the throne of the strategy genre in blockchain gaming.

Blocklords is a player-driven medieval grand strategy game whose world and narrative are shaped by the players who inhabit it. You get to choose your path and forge your own destiny, and this is because each action matters. Players can get to experience the peaceful life of a Farmer, the protective station of a Knight, the battle-hungry mantle of a Raider, the noble role of Lord or Lady, or the all-powerful title of a Ruler.

Gameplay & Game Modes

Blocklords’ gameplay is built around giving our players the agency to make their own decisions and shape their own stories. Whether you decide to live a fulfilling life on a farm or create a grand strategy to rise to the throne, the path and ultimate fate of your Hero is directly determined by your in-game choices.

The game revolves around four core mechanisms, explained in the section below.


Farm, Fight, Rule, and Conquer

  • Farm: Farmers are the core of any economic structure and Blocklords is no different. Players who start off the game without a character NFT will be assigned the Farmer role. You get to gather, mine, process, and craft various materials to refine into useable currency. The role’s activities cover a wider variety of actions as well, allowing players to manage animals and livestock. All of these resources can be traded on the marketplace to keep everyone in business.
  • Fight: Players who save up enough resources and no longer want to be a Farmer may choose to leave their farm behind in favor of building an army. From there, two more paths will open for you to choose from: Knight or Raider.
  • Rule: Players who make successful and effective decisions in Blocklords and rise through the ranks may have the opportunity to claim a ruling role. The first type of ruling role, Lords and Ladies, carry their own unique functions and responsibilities.
  • Conquer: By utilizing your skills and conquering the path before you effectively, players may have the opportunity to rise to the ultimate rank of King or Queen. As a King or Queen, it’s your duty to determine the priorities of your kingdom. Rulers govern nations, which are the largest territory type in Blocklords. Their role includes managing currency, national policies, diplomacy, trade agreements, and research available to their armies and regions. They may also choose to start or engage in realm-altering wars on a national scale.

How to Get Started

At the time of writing, anyone interested can go register and claim a free hero from Blocklords’ website. Players will get to experience the game in its early access phase during Q4 2022 or Q1 2023.

Web3 Corner

Blocklords’ in-depth world and multiple roles can easily bring players to sink an unfathomable amount of hours into the game, trying to climb the ranks till they rule their own kingdoms. The strength and wits of each player will be tested, and as the game’s motto goes: “A new ruler shall rise.”
  • Chain: ETH
  • Game Currency: TBA
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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