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blockchain monster hunt

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BCM Hunt

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Available on: Windows

If you ever owned a Gameboy Advance and traveled across cities in Pokemon gathering all the gym badges, then collecting monsters across different chains on Blockchain Monster Hunt might be your next best bet in web3 games.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is the world’s first multi-chain game where players get to hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique Monsters and earn while exploring the game’s unique world.


Blockchain Monster Hunt follows a very simple game pattern. You need to wander across its beautifully drawn world trying to capture monsters across different chains while battling other players for dominance on the leaderboard. However, it is not as easy as it sounds as the title gives players a vast amount of monsters, elements, and traits to choose from when assembling their star team.

There are 22 Genesis Monsters, 500 Wild Monsters and an undefined number of artificial Monster species as well as Chain Mascot. There are a total of 6 mascots, resembling the 6 different chains the game currently supports.

Wild Monster species are divided into 50 genus groups, each having 10 Monster species. The genus-group dictates the rarity of a species and all species of the same genus share the same rarity. The higher the genus number, the rarer the Monster is.

This extensive roster of monsters spans across 10 different elements; Earth, Electric, Water, Fire, Ice, Air, Dark, Light, Spirit, and Neutral. Each element type is strong against 2 other types. Its primary weakness is the element type you must use to support catching a monster of that type.

blockchain monster hunt
blockchain monster hunt

Now onto how to play the game once you fire it up. Let’s say you come across a monster and you want to catch it, you will have to select the right monster, in terms of strength, counter-rarity, among other aspects, to fight it and spend Energy to increase your chances of successfully capturing the monster.

For reference, Energy is used for all in-game activities such as paying fees, teleportation, catching monsters and boosting catch rates, competing in battles, topping up Stamina and even for rewards. 

Blockchain Monster Hunt’s token is exchangeable for Energy and vice versa.

How to Get Started

Blockchain Monster Hunt prioritizes ease of access, and all you need to do is head to the game’s website. From there, you can directly head into the game’s Multiverse through the Play Now button available on the top right corner.

Before commencing your adventure, you will need to select your trust crew of 6 monsters, 6 boosters if you want to take any with you on your journey, and of course, a suitable amount of Energy based on how long you intend to play for.

Web3 Corner

Blockchain Monster Hunt manages to capture the essence and beauty of what made Pokemon super addictive back in the day. Its beautiful and colorful world, fearsome but adorable monsters, highly competitive community, and sticking to its true Web3 message of delivering a truly decentralized and multi-chain experience. 

Having said that, the game suffers issues in combating bot players, a non-optimized spawn rate for certain monsters favoring specific time zones, among other bugs and glitches especially when jumping or interacting with monsters across different chains in the same game session.

  • Chain: ETH / BNB Chain / Polygon
  • Game Currency: $BCMC
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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7.0 rating

+ Variety of monsters
+ Competitive environment pushes players to search for powerful monsters
+ Beautiful world and monsters art
- Connectivity issues when dealing with cross-chain activities
- Non-optimized monster spawn rates

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djohn coper

more income more bosses


Nice game !

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